Of the Heart and soul - a mellifluous whisper
-Piyali Mitra

About me


It's all about My Story..

Someone who started as scribbler and then began penning thoughts down in the pages giving colors to her imagination through words and lines. Writing is like liberating for her, breathing oxygen in and out. Enjoying every curvy road with sharp bends along the drive to misty mountains with beautiful and sweet memories as well as painful experiences to learn from. A Doctoral scholar of Bioethics enjoying every bit sharing her ideas on struggle, love, sadness. She has many academic paper in International Journals of repute until recently she began publishing work in the genre of poetry. Beside the published work “Of the heart and soul-a mellifluous whisper”, she has also co-authored another book entitled “A Note to Myself” which is soon to be published.

About Book

Of the heart and soul
-a mellifluous whisper

Brief Intro about my book..

This anthology abounds in the feeling of love–Love has always been the source of inspiration for the countless poems and thoughtful scribbling made by lovers and admirers, but few poems are written analyzing the concept and how to feel to be in love. This book speaks of how love can be the source of inspiration at the same time the source of abjection. Rejection and dejection can push one to corner while love can uplift and transcend a mind from one realm to another. This garland of verses as the author would love to call is also a memory book remembering the various emotions she and her loved ones have been subjected to. Some lines and verses of this book speak the loudest and most directly and others have reflection of vibrant imagery and artful characters.

Some lines have divine intonation while others draw heavily from mundane life. The book has tried to capture the colors, aroma and essences of water, land, mountains, seasons and even leaves. Every object of Nature has their own language. This book has made an attempt to communicate that subtle language through verses. The book contains some illustrations.


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Critic Reviews

May, 2021

Of heart and soul has a different approach when it comes to poetry. Usually I come across poetries that use humans as their inspiration or muse and that’s how they form the poems.
This anthology uses nature as its muse and you’ll feel as though you’re in a garden surrounded by nature when you read each and ever poem. It’s beautifully penned down.
-Vikram Wadkar

APRIL, 2021

The poems are just awesome, a feeling of being one with nature….All were good, but special mention needs to be made of those I loved more. “Existence Alarm”, “Books”, “Welcome October”, and “Since the day I met you” Please keep up the good work, looking forward to reading more. However the poem “A Lonely Camaraderie” though nice, lacks some essence. A little more reflection would have made it better. 
-Shatabdi Maity

May, 2021

This book has the ability to transport you into another realm where you’re surrounded by nature and at the same time feel the positive effects of it too. What makes me happy is that the poet has been able to match these feelings with nature in a very melodious way and that’s why I love each and every part of this